Saturday, October 10, 2009

somebody tell me why purpl

somebody tell me why purple dorm bedding is scarce as an old hen’s teeth? Well, this old hen has just about had it after spending the best part of a day on the prowl for some purple twin bedding with extra long sheets.

Not only must the comforter set and the sheets have to be in what I consider to be a rather odd size, but this teenage girl is on a mission to have “THE” dorm room that all the college coeds are talking about. During our initial meeting where I jot down notes on my client’s color preference and style she said that she did not care if I used a particular theme or color scheme when decorating her dorm room so long as it was something new, exciting and not the boring old stuff that she had in her bedroom at home.

This statement gave me pause because I was aware of the fact that her mother had spent a fortune on this teenage girl’s bedding and bedroom decorations to celebrate her senior year in high school. Not about to let her breeze out of the room leaving me under that kind of pressure, with a long suffering look I begged her to please give me a few ideas to work with

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