Wednesday, October 28, 2009

hile not the first underwater

hile not the first underwater hotel, the one being built in Istanbul does promise some questionable views. The seven-story hotel is being built in the Istanbul Bosporus Straight, where the visibility underwater is allegedly only 10 feet. So you can forget about any view like that one in the picture! You won't be able to see shit. Well, except th
his is an art piece from a recent exhibit entitled Come Up To My Bedroom at the Gladstone Hotel in Toronto. An ex-girlfriend of mine used an almost identical trap to capture me. Except I was lured onto the bed with a Wii and a four-pack of chocolate pudding. Little did I know what she had in store for me. Which, incidentally, was the worst year of my life. Sure getting to play the Wii right when it came out was awesome, but her monster hammer* was no
I adore this sofa, and I am usually no fan of hippie dippy fabrics. HB can get any style right, that's
The current issue is all about getting "cozy" right. Who can't use an extra helping of cozy these days? I was happy to see slipcovered sofas in this issue. As you know, I am pro dogs-on-couch, so it as nice to see something washable in a magazine

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