Saturday, October 10, 2009

corate your living room, famil

ecorate your living room, family room or den, even your bedroom, kitchen or bath in one day, using the furnishings you already own. Knowing how to properly arrange your furniture is a key element to creating a room that is cozy, functional and inviting. It's not that difficult once you know the design concepts and principles that interior designers have used for decades to create stunning arrangements in decorating magazines and books.

There are many elements that must be taken into account: color, balance, flow and rhythm, just to mention four. All of the various concepts, however, must be coordinated together to create a cohesive unit that keeps the functionality of the room as well as enhancing it's beauty. Most rooms, particularly larger rooms, can easily be arranged in many different ways, all equally appropriate. So don't think that your room can only be done one way.

Furniture manufacturers tell us that furniture should be moved to different locations periodically so that the sunlight doesn't unduly damage the wood or fabric on one side or another. By rotating your furniture periodically to a different place in

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