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om and Queens' Bath. Named for

om and Queens' Bath. Named for the many royal guests it has hosted (including queens of the Netherlands, Greece, Norway, and Great Britain), this room is sometimes used by presidents to reward friends and political supporters. Between 1902 and 1963, it was known as the "Rose Room" and was used by Anna Roosevelt (daughter of Theodore Roosevelt) and Emily Carow (Mrs. Roosevelt's sister), among others.
The room has been furnished in Federal style since the Truman renovation. Traditionally, the bed thought to have belonged to Andrew Jackson is used here; it was donated around 1902 and first used in what is today the Lincoln Bedroom. Off an east doorway is a small sitting room used as an office until the West Wing was built. It is furnished in Federal style to match the bedr
[Queens' Bath - Bush 1]
Franklin Roosevelt to Winston Churchill (code-named "Former Naval Person") inviting him to the White House just days after the attack on Pearl Harbor. (NARA)
Before the 1902 renovation, it was the usual bedroom and office for presidential private secretaries, which meant many male relatives, including sons of presidents. When the president's staff was moved to the new West Wing, this room became a regular bedroom suite. When the White House was gutted and rebuilt during the Truman administration, this room was rebuilt expressly as a guest suite with its own bathroom.
This is the room where Winston Churchill stayed when he visited with Presidents Roosevelt and Truman before and after World War 2. Mamie Eisenhower felt that only queens and similar state guests should stay in the Queens' Bedroom, so she had her son John and his wife Barbara moved to another room.

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