Tuesday, December 1, 2009

decorate bed rooms

Bedrooms need a special kind of lighting. A table lamp on the bedside table is, unless space has to be saved, usually better than a light fixed on the wall, where your head may get between it and the book. But the old system of having one ceiling light hung immediately over the dressing-table is ugly and inefficient.The new bedroom furniture collection from Huelsta, especially designed to give a new touch at your bedroom in 2009. The comfort oriented bedroom furniture that enable the user to create his own look New Bedroom Inspiration want to give you fresh ideas about how to decorate your bedroom. This blog main purpose is to give you inspiration when you need to decorate your home. Ten days ago I’ve started a topic entitled Modern Bedroom Furniture Inspiration where I’ve posted 6 pictures with beautiful 6 bedrooms. Today here it comes the second post from this series, with another 6 images with bedroom designs for more inspiration.For those who don’t have special room for your guests, you can make a bad on your sofa or if it is too small you can buy in stores folding bed, they are not so expensive and they are practical for different occasions – nobody will surprise you if he shows unannounced. For those good hosts who offer your own bed, don’t worry that your guest wouldn’t feel accepted, they already appreciate your gesture sleeping on the couch instead of them.The simple way to decorate bedroom is to paint your walls with white or any other, not so alive, color. Hang some artistic paintings on wall, put standard looking bed in and bedside table next to it. Choose classic colors for walls and classic wood for furniture. Be careful that you won’t put too many stuff into your room. Classic means less, so less is better.so less is better then too much