Saturday, February 27, 2010

n older sectional sofa can take on new

n older sectional sofa can take on new life when reupholstered and paired with clean, uncluttered contemporary lines
Why is it that "redo" sounds somehow less expensive than "makeover"? Just because it's a shorter word? Or because it implies a touch-up rather than an overhaul? As in, "I think I'll redo the living room," rather than, "The living room sure could use a makeover." And both terms in turn cause less price anxiety than does the very serious-sounding "renovation." In fact, all are pretty much synonymous, so don't mislead yourself into underestimating costs by putting a reassuringly modest name on what's actually an ambitious project.
QUESTION: Our contemporary-style three-piece sectional sofa has given us some 20 years of comfort and visual appeal. But now it's time to redo the living room, and we have to decide what to do about the sofa: Slipcover it? Reupholster

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