Saturday, February 27, 2010

ea rugs are one of the most importan

ea rugs are one of the most important elements of any home décor, whether you are choosing a contemporary, modern, Victorian or traditional style of decorating your home. Now-a-days, area rugs are available in different shapes other than squares and rectangles and can be bought in almost every size. Before selecting the style of your home décor, you have to choose the theme you want to incorporate and depending upon that, you have to choose other elements and accessories such as area rugs, furniture pieces and curtains.

Not only area rugs, you can also choose throws or mini mats, depending upon the space you want to cover with them. These are versatile not only for residences but for offices and public places also. You can also decorate your walls with murals on the glass partitions and motifs of the thread lighting effects. You have to choose the right materials and patterns as per the rest of the décor in the interior. These rugs will give a customized authenticity of class to enhance the flooring and walls of your home.

The rugs can be matched with soft furnishings like sofa covers, curios and curtains that will create thematic representation in your small room. These rugs can also be used for emphasizing the eminence of pictures, alcove, draping and prayer books.

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