Tuesday, October 2, 2012

How to Decorate a Young Girl’s Room

A young girl’s room is more than just a place to sleep for her, it’s where she lives. As much as parents are fanatic about choosing the right thing for their baby girl, even when it comes to rooms, they need to ascertain that their daughter gets to have a say in the matter, it is after all, her sanctity. Allowing your daughter  to choose the design of her room will not only help her in expressing her personality, it will also assist in her developing problem solving skills in the future. Therefore, you as a parent, need to make sure that your girl expresses her creativity. Even more so, through this you will also be teaching her the art of compromise for there might be a point where you decide to put your foot down and refuse to paint a gigantic mural that she wants on the wall.

The next step is to pick up a theme for the room. This has numerous possibilities in it; from retro to the 60’s to astronomy to theatre. Deciding upon a theme helps you further determine which kind of furniture you want in the room along with the paint colour you want to go with the theme. Deciding the kind of furniture you want to have in the room will further help you dispose off the unwanted things from the room and make space for the new ones that you might decide to get.

Deciding upon the paint your girl wants in her room can be an arduous task, but not so difficult if you have a theme to gel it in with. If you don’t want a theme, then bright pinks, reds and oranges are famous colors amongst young girls. Then comes the task of arranging the furniture. This includes arranging the furniture in such a way that it gives the entire room a more spacious and airy look instead of making it appear congested and jam-packed. Having bean bags or ottomans can make up for a girly yet effective sitting area. Similarly, having a desk for a study area and some book shelves on the wall will help a lot.

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