Saturday, May 16, 2009

Antique Kitchen Lighting

Antique Kitchen Lighting

If you want to lend a traditional old style look to your kitchen, then what can be a better idea than to embellish your kitchen with antique kitchen lighting? The kitchen antique light fixture can add wonders to your kitchen by giving it a warm soothing feel. Read on to know more about antique lighting for kitchen.

You can give your kitchen antique light fixture an entirely new look by remodeling it in a manner that lends a candle effect. Well, you must be thinking as to how to go about achieving such a theme. Well, it is here that lighting comes to play a vital role. Choose bulb lights that seem to flicker, thus resembling the candles. It is just apt to produce the dramatic effect.

For further adding to the traditional theme, you can make use of the lava lamps that were extensively used in the 50s and 60s. The traditional lava lamps with the bright lighting are still in trend. Also the motion lamps of the 1920s are becoming popular. When it comes to antique lighting, it is preferable to incorporate more lights but at lower wattage.

The lower you fix the antique light fixture, the bigger it will appear to be. Never try to highlight your kitchen by using a single high wattage bulb, as it can mar the very look of your old style kitchen. A better idea is to go in for secondary lighting like opting for ceiling lighting fixture that has multiple arms. Make sure that the basic designing and finish of your antique kitchen lighting goes well with the overall setup of your kitchen.

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